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  • 1 Soft Touch Fabrics...
    Moderna 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Printed Fabrics 30sx30s/76x68, Auto loom Width 230cms Thread- 144
  • 2 Moderna...
    Sarah 70/30 (non ratio) Poly/Cotton Printed Fabrics 35sx35s/76x56, Power Loom Width 230cms Thread- 132
  • 3 Dream Look..
    Romantic 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Plain Dyed Fabrics 30sx30sa/76x68, Auto loom Width 230cms Thread- 144
  • 4 Home Textile
    Cottniah T-180 Percale 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Printed Fabrics 40sx40s/100x80, Sulzer loom Width 230cms and 260 cms Thread- 180
  • 5 Furnishing your Bedroom
    Dream 70/30 (non ratio) Poly/Cotton Plain Dyed Fabrics 35sx35s/76x44, Power Loom Width 230cms



CADI: Soft Pigment Printed 100% Cotton Fabric

11 Pcs/Set Consisting of-

Quilt: 260X240CM-1PC

Bed Skirt: 200x200+25+45CM - 1PC (with filling 150gsm)

Pillow Sham: 50X75+5CM - 2PCS

Pillow Case: 50X75+5CM - 2PCS

Cushion: 45X45+5CM - 2PCS

Neck Roll: 18X46CM - 1PC

Table Cloth: 50x50CM - 2PCS

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