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  • 1 Soft Touch Fabrics...
    Moderna 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Printed Fabrics 30sx30s/76x68, Auto loom Width 230cms Thread- 144
  • 2 Moderna...
    Sarah 70/30 (non ratio) Poly/Cotton Printed Fabrics 35sx35s/76x56, Power Loom Width 230cms Thread- 132
  • 3 Dream Look..
    Romantic 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Plain Dyed Fabrics 30sx30sa/76x68, Auto loom Width 230cms Thread- 144
  • 4 Home Textile
    Cottniah T-180 Percale 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Printed Fabrics 40sx40s/100x80, Sulzer loom Width 230cms and 260 cms Thread- 180
  • 5 Furnishing your Bedroom
    Dream 70/30 (non ratio) Poly/Cotton Plain Dyed Fabrics 35sx35s/76x44, Power Loom Width 230cms



Kuwait Cotton Products Co (KCPC) is a limited liability, wholly owned Kuwaiti Industrial Company operating from the State of Kuwait. The Company was established on 1st October 1989 as a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company 

Household Furnishing Division:

Under the brand name “Moderna”, we produce quality bed linen - eg. Plain quilts, flannel quilts, furro quilts, quilted blankets, bed covers, bed sheets and pillow cases including polyester pillows in various constructions and designs.

We also produce Kuwaiti traditional Sado products, such as diwaniya (seats), cushions, pillows, etc.

Our range of products also includes babies and adults warm sleeping bags and other utility items.

Total combined production capacity is over 500,000 pcs annually.

Moderna is a household name, which is evident from its availability at leading showrooms around the country.

Our products are also exported to neighboring countries.

Trading & Commercial Activities:

KCPC’s trading division is active in sourcing goods from international market and supplying them to the local clients.  Household and personal effects, viz blankets, travel bags, shower curtains, table clothes, terry towels etc are imported and distributed to the local market.

Design and Development:

The in-house design and development division takes care of development of our own products including selection of designs for fabrics, using latest computerized facilities, manned by professionals in the field.

Quality Control Division:

This division control the quality of raw materials imported as well as the quality of finished products, both for medical items and the furnishings. Strict quality control ensures high quality of finished products, which in turn yields higher value for our products

Organisation & Management:

The Company is headed by Mr Ahmed Al Jarallah(Chairman) and Mr Sulaiman Al Jarallah (Vice Chairman), owners of the Company.

The KCPC operations are managed by Mr Bander Al Jarallah, General Manager, who is assisted by a team of highly competent Managers and support staff.

The current strength of its workforce is in excess of 120.

Land & Building:

KCPC operates in a plot of 6000 sqm in the Subhan Industrial Area, including a buildup factory building of 5000 sqm, office area consisting of 500 sqm and in-house warehouse area of 500 sqm.

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